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My life will never be the same. I would give anything to go back to this day when Luca Carboni talked to us about Benedetto.

This day I shouldn’t have been there.I shouldn’t have listened a word of him. I should have been at the swimming pool , spending good time. Now it’s almost been a year that we finished this project on “idiots” and I still can’t go out alone on the street, drive a car, go to a shop, take a cafè with friends. I have no more friends. And I have no more hands to take a coffee. I was hitted by a bus while I thinking of Benedetto, suddenly realizing that i had the same bracciale than him around my wrist (the remaining of a setta).

My parents putted me in an hospital. I can still watch TV, which is a good thing. I’m happy to be here because at home I couldn’t breath anymore. This symptom started during the work with Benedetto. Let’s call it a work!!!…

Claustrophobia. My cardiac rhythm went faster and faster and faster and. I couldn’t recognize myself. I don’t recognize myself. Maybe that’s why I changed my name. You can call me Elisabeth now. I don’t even remember my first name. They stole me. I could die now.

I don’t care.


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