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Gurshad Shaheman

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So he was there with his big smile, looking at you with his “sono molto gentile” look, “I don’t want
you any harm” Then with his molto dolce voice, he ask you “now take off your underwears”. You
couldn’t say no. Everyone took off their clothes one by one. So you do like your partners.
Than you are naked with all the others and you knew that the worst was about to come.
“you gonna do the autistic-asmathic-epileptic caracters whome you worked on yesterday and make
them grow with Gilles de la Tourette symptoms”.
And we all (gest) on se convultionnait, smashed our heads against the walls, yelled and cried

and rolled on the floor for hours while his 2 assistens were taking pictures. That was Benedetto’s
conception of art. And as an idiot I tought this was the way to reach the light, my salvation.
Anytime when we finished the improvvisation exhausted, sweeting and bleeding he just said: “ok
guys, this is your level 0, now we gonna take it to level 10.”.

− Benedetto, could I at least wear my underwear?

− No Gurshad. Covering your body is covering your soul.

And an actor must let the audience read deap in his soul. Learn to be an open vagina.

Lama saved me. We are married now. I met her just few days after she arrived in Paris for her
studied. I was just a shity, gipsy, arty, fucking idiot. She opened my eyes on all that crap. She asked
me if I belive in God and as a perfect brain-washed Benedetto’s actor I laught: “No, I don’t belive”
she looked at me with her dark eyes, beautiful vail, and said with compassion: “it must be terrible
to be empty like you.” and that’s true. I was empty. She showed me the way to the light ang got me
converted to Islam. We got married and moved to Syria, her homeland. She saved my soul. Now i
know that showing. any small part of my skin is giving a part of my soul to the devil.
La ila ha il Allah.
Mohammad Al Rassoul Allah


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